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Uniq One Lotus Flower Hair Treatment is an innovative treatment of Revlon Uniq One. This treatment contains 10 benefits Uniq One standard offers. This treatment provides a radiant shine whilst protecting the hair is from the heat of styling tools.

Uniq One Lotus Flower Hair Treatment restores the hair while the hair will feel silky soft. This treatment detangles hair, making the hair will be easy to comb.

Uniq One Lotus Flower Hair Treatment adds body and protects and nourishes the hair. This treatment includes a delicious fresh flavor thanks to the addition of include citrus, watermelon, lemon, jasmine, rose and lotus.

The 10 advantages of Uniq One Lotus Flower Hair Treatment at a glance:

  1. Repairs dry and damaged hair.
  2. Prevents frizzy hair and provides a radiant shine.
  3. Protects against heat.
  4. Makes hair smooth and silky.
  5. Protects colored hair with UVA and UVB filters.
  6. Makes the hair easy to comb.
  7. Detangles hair, making tangles disappear.
  8. The hair will stay longer in shape.
  9. Protects and nourishes the hair.
  10. Adds body.
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