Solgar Ester C Plus 1000mg Vitamin C 30s


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Additional Information: Ester-C is one of the best forms of Vitamin C on the market. Easily absorbed and non-acidic. It plays an important role in maintaining a healthy immune system, healthy skin through collagen formation and is a powerful antioxidant.

Potential Applications of Vitamin C:
• General immune support
• Antioxidant
• Stress
• Gum health
• Cold, flu, herpes, candidiasis, viral, bacterial, fungal infections
• Detoxification
• Cardiovascular health
• Cell protection
• Arthritis
• Male infertility
• Eczema, asthma, hayfever, hives
• Allergic reactions
• Degenerative eye disease
• General skin health

Each tablet provides: Vitamin C(as calcium ascorbate/threonate)1000mg Citrus Bioflavonoids(as prep)200mg Acerola Fruit Powdered Extract25mg Powdered Rose Hips25mg Rutin25mg With the naturally occurring vitamin C metabolites (including L-threonic acid L-lyxonic acid and L-xylonic acid) that have been shown to enhance the absorption of vitamin C.

Suitable for vegans
1 x 30 Tablets

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